What Can You Do?

UIUC is counting on this issue to go away. We cannot let that happen.

1. Donate whatever you can at the Paypal link to the right towards the cost of Steven’s continuing to fight for reinstatement and the issues of freedom of speech and academic freedom.

2. Sign the petition to Chancellor Phyllis Wise demanding Salaita’s reinstatement at Change.org. https://www.change.org/petitions/phyllis-m-wise-we-demand-corrective-action-on-the-scandalous-firing-of-palestinian-american-professor-dr-steven-salaita

3. Share the information about Salaita’s case widely with your networks, and continue to write and call Chancellor Phyllis White’s office to protest UIUC’s actions.

4. Boycott UIUC as an institution if they do not reinstate Salaita—do not go there to give talks; do not participate in their fundraising campaigns; do not send your children to attend school there.