Chicago Tribune Gets Records from University of Illinois; Steve’s Contract Signed in 2013!

The Chicago Tribune published important new info about Steve’s case today, revealing, via University of Illinois internal information it had requested, that Steven had signed his contract in 2013. The Trib reports:

Salaita was offered the U. of I. job last October, at an $85,000 salary for the academic year, according to the offer letter obtained by the Tribune on Wednesday afternoon under a public records request. The job was to begin in January 2014, but he requested that it instead begin this month after finishing the spring semester at another institution.

“Please let me express my sincere enthusiasm about your joining us,” according to the Oct. 3 offer letter from Brian Ross, U. of I.’s interim dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. “The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign offers a wonderfully supportive community, and it has always taken a high interest in its newcomers. I feel sure that your career can flourish here, and I hope earnestly that you will accept our invitation.”

Salaita signed the offer letter Oct. 9.

More info on the story as reported today can be found at this link.